A Flood Barrier Lifting System

Spreader bar hooking up flood barriers

Deploy – Attach – Connect – Lift

The Transforming Spreader Bar is an innovative solution for deployment in dangerous areas or where terrain issues prevent a standard deployment of Big Bags USA sandbags system.


When the terrain does not allow for the standard deployment of Big Bags USA flood barrier systems or is too dangerous, the Transforming Spreader Bar is the solution.

The Spreader Bar easily converts from a trailer to a lifting system to deploy our 5-connected bulk bag systems. Our Spreader Bar unit was designed to be versatile and easy to use so that no time is wasted on the job site or during a flooding event when time is costly.

The Spreader Bar is made from high-strength reinforced steel and easily converts from a single-axle pull-behind trailer to a Big Bags USA flood barrier lifting system. This product is proudly manufactured in the United States

Flood barriers lifted by a crane

Perfect for Use With

  • Coffer Dams
  • Levee Heightening
  • Port Authorities
  • Rail Roads
  • River Deferment
  • Pre-Existing Flood Areas

How It Works

  1. Deploy the extender bars.
  2. Attach the Spreader bar to your preferred lift.
  3. Connect your bags by simply placing the loops over the lift bars.
  4. Ready for lift-off; place your bags safely and securely in place.

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