Use Big Bags USA flood barrier sandbags replacement systems in a variety of flood & water-control situations!


Flood Control
A fast and simple solution for containment and deferment of  water. Big Bags USA  is a great on hand sandbags tool for disaster prevention.

Levee Heightening
In the event of possible levee over topping, Big Bags USA flood barrier system can easily add up to an additional 6ft. (2m) with no necessary preparations

Coffer Dams
Coffer dams made with Big Bags USA flood barrier are an easy and cost effective alternative to metal sheet pilings that require expensive equipment to deploy.

Traffic Safety
Excellent for on the spot traffic barriers using Big Bags USA sandbags system. Easy deployment from protective construction barriers to emergency road side disasters.

Coastal Erosion
Big Bags USA’s flood barrier deployment as berm barriers and tidal breaks can use the coastal fronts existing sand to fill our sandbags, providing even more savings while eliminating further sediment deposits

Slope Stabilization
Land slide control and falling rock protection that require strong protection methods. Big Bags USA sandbag barriers have heavy duty textile weave, a great choice

Used by the National Guard!
North Dakota National Guardsmen had the opportunity to place and fill a new system during the 2010 flood fight. The Big Bag USA system is 15-feet wide and 3-feet high; when filled, it's equal to about 750 sandbags.

Over 9,000 feet of Big Bags deployed by the Missouri Department of Transportation! This was in 2011 in Carrollton, MO to protect Route 65 from flood waters.